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We’re thrilled to have a growing fanbase of avid “Scribers” – not just because it shows we’re doing the right thing, but also because it means that new ScribeWare users have a large community of seasoned pros to help them get started through our Facebook Group,  bi-monthly Zoom meetups, and our Mentors page . Check out what a few Scribers have to say about our ScribeWare inspection software. 

“have been a home inspector for over 19 yrs and have tried just about every program on the market. To my surprise, I just happened to come across ScribeWare and now I can say I have found the answer! The guys at ScribeWare are simply amazing with tech support and they actually do updates by listening to their inspectors! Thanks, Dylan and Steve for doing such a great job and I am happy to say I am NOW a ScribeWare user.”

Mike Paris

Scribeware user since 2015

"have been using ScribeWare for 5 years and is fantastic. The library is excellent. It is intuitive and easy to use. It really helps put your findings in perspective for your clients."

Randy Near

Scribeware user since 2016

"Great software for the inspector that wants to have the best and most informative reports! I have yet to find another software that fits my needs like Scirbeware does. My clients and Realtor friends seem to think my reports are the best. Guess they must be right, but it’s all because of this report writing software."

William Dinsmore

Scribeware user since March 2019

"We have used other softwares for our inspection company over the years and Scribeware is definitely the best we have ever used! The readability and flexibility make it so easy for our clients to understand the reports. We cannot give Dylan and Steve enough credit for their customer service! They are always there any time we need anything. Top notch team!"

Richie & Brandy Onega

ScribeWare user since May 2020

"It has saved me almost an hour on a typical report writing, as well as allowed me to add videos and better pictures to my reports."

Scriber user survey

"Everything is easier and I feel like I am operating in the modern world rather than running what feels like a 30 year old software program."

Scriber user survey

"This Scribeware inspection software has provided me with a sense of anticipation, rather than dread, in regards to knowing I still have the reports to do; moreover, I have more of a LIFE now!"

Scriber user survey

"I had purchased and was using a different report software. The interface was unwieldy and the output was sub-par, even with my efforts to customize the layout. It had a high initial cost outlay that I'll never recover for the number of reports I created before switching. I have a newer Surface pro computer and after the other software crashed 3 times on the same report, I found ScribeWare and haven't looked back."

Scriber user survey

I am new at this so I feel that this software has already increased my confidence and has grown my business. The customers are impressed with the reports that are generated with Scribeware.

I’m able to convey information to clients that is crisp, knowledgeable, and user-friendly."

Scriber user survey

"I was new to the inspection business. When I started looking for a report writing program, they were very expensive and just not cost effective. Scribeware's payment options allowed me to customize the cost of this business expense. Alos, the other programs produced reports that were too technical and full of a lot of unnecessary details. Scribe ware is easy to use and understand for myself - and most importantly the client."

Scriber user survey

“I just had the 7th inspection in 2022 that specifically hired me because they saw my report from one of the pre-listing inspections I had done, and loved the format so much that they decided to hire me. The business that the amazing ScribeWare reports has brought me has already resulted in a 400% return on my investment. It's by far the best ROI marketing I've ever done! Thank you guys again for making me look so good!"


Daren Carper

Scribeware user since 2020

"Extremely user-friendly with a great and easy to read layout. The quality of the reports is truly second to none"

Jed Ballou

Scribeware user since 2019

“As a new inspector who is not very computer savvy, ScribeWare has greatly simplified my reporting process. I spend far less time sitting, staring at the screen than with other software I have tried. ScribeWare is intuitive, time efficient and practical. The tech support is especially quick and responsive. I love how easy it is to customize the library and navigate my reports at breakneck speed. Clients love the easy to read layout, especially the summary section that allows for a concise report view. Keep up the great work, ScribeWare!”

Greg Curran

Scribeware user since 2017

“Wouldn't be cool if we had a group of inspectors who used a software we believed in and they, by default, openly shared meaningful language in an effort to grow a better profession? Wouldn't that be great? Welcome to Scribeware. Innovative. Comprehensive. For Professionals Only!”

Gary Smith

Scribeware user since Sept 2019

"I’m a first year inspector and can honestly say that I wouldn’t have a successful business and have been able to turn this startup into a career if it wasn’t for ScribeWare. The support from the ScribeWare team is nothing short of amazing. The creator, Dylan, is an awesome guy and is always quick to answer questions about the software. He’s also been kind enough to offer insight here and there about business and inspection in general. It’s exactly the type of business you’d like to do business with.

I recently worked with an agent for the first time who has been a realtor for 7 years. Today I worked with her again and she made it a point to say, in front of my client, that my reports were the best she’s ever seen. She told me that I’m her new go-to inspector.

It’s great software and exactly what you’re looking for."

Matt Main

ScribeWare user since: Nov 2020

"Here's what's most important to me professionally: I want my reports to reflect the exact sentiment of what it's like to walk through the house with a really good inspector. Scribeware lets me do that.

Since switching to the newest Scribeware software I've been getting a ton of compliments on my inspection reports. Just about every comment has to do with "how easy it is to read, how clear the formatting is, how functional things seem, how neatly the photos integrate with the descriptions..." etc. It actually kinda surprised me to hear this.

Yes, you absolutely need to spend some time tweaking the templates and features to meet your needs, but it pays off massively. A narrative report generated with Scribeware is heads above a checklist style report. The reports I'm turning out are higher quality and they take less time for me to create.

Thurston McMurray

ScribeWare user since: Feb 2015

"My reports are awesome and constantly improving. My clients most always comment on the thoroughness."

Scriber user survey

"We are a small building science inspection firm that produces reports for our clients containing a lot of images and text.

These reports must be clean, clear, to the point and prompt.

Before trying your software it could take up to five hours to produce an acceptable report for our clients.Our past software systems, of which we have tried many different brands, were so “powerful” (their words) that most of the features were hidden, hard to find and complicated which rendered them, in my opinion, useless.Not to mention expensive!

We needed a software that was simple intuitive to use and stable.

Finally after using your trial version we found your software everything we needed.

The best features of your product are that it does not crash, we do not need a manual to understand it and it stores all of the comments and statements we use every day so we do not have to recreate them every time.

With ScribeWare we produce a stunning report within sixty minutes. The same report used to take 5 hours. Thank you for my life back!"

Brent Foster

Member Since: Jan 2016

"The feedback I'm getting from clients and agents is fantastic. I'm more proud of my reports now than I ever had been before, and it's probably taking me about half the time to write a report compared to Home Inspector Pro."

Daren Carper

Member Since: Sept 2020